Merced, CA

I have participated at events in Merced like Merced Art Hop. 

Oakland, CA

I sell my work in Old Oakland and downtown Oakland and I attend events in the city to showcase the city. 

Fresno, CA

I started my photography work in Fresno and I sell my work in local businesses and I attend community events.

San Francisco, CA

I have supported organizations by participating as a vendor at events and assisted them with photography.  

Kingsburg, CA. I have participated at events and I sell my work in a local shop. 

I photographed Hanford, CA during the summer of 2019. 

I have attended events in Los Angeles, CA to support the arts and local artists and makers. 

I was selected to visit Boston, MA to attend Unique Markets Business conference in 2018 and I photographed the city. 

I have supported local businesses in Clovis, CA and I attend events. 

Visiting Modesto, CA was a great experience to photograph in Spring 2019. 

I support maker events in Sacramento, CA and I attend events in the city. 

I'm from Guadalajara, Mexico and I have enjoyed photographing when I visit family and friends. 

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