The Fresno Art Museum is an art museum in Fresno, California. The museum's collection includes contemporary art, modern art, Mexican and Mexican-American art, and Pre-Columbian sculpture. 

Oakland Museum, one of the Bay Area's best art, history, & science museums. A children's museum, a museum of California, and an incredible "thing to do" in Oakland. 

The Fresno Arts Council is a State-Local partner to the California Arts Council, designated by the county board of supervisors to serve the county's citizens. 

Arte Americas is one of the largest Latinx cultural centers in California. We are recognized as one of the best galleries in the burgeoning Cultural Arts District in Downtown Fresno. 

Makers Loft Oakland

Maker's Loft, a boutique, retail store in Oakland, CA. 

E14 Gallery Oakland

E14 Gallery showcases master and upcoming visual artists with deep ties and strong love for Oakland. 

Clovis Botanical Garden is a water -wise demonstration garden composed of beautiful plants that thrive in the hot summers and cool winters of California's Central Valley.

The Kingsburg Chamber of Commerce was established in 1922 and has been serving members and the surrounding communities ever since.

Merced Art Hop, monthly event to showcase the arts in Merced, CA. 

The Forestiere Underground Gardens, located at 5021 W Shaw Ave in Fresno, CA, are a series of subterranean structures built by Baldasare Forestiere, an immigrant from Sicily, over a period of 40 years from 1906 to his death in 1946. 

Holiday Boutique is Fresno's most unique gift shop, featuring decor, china, crystal, silver, and exclusive gift items. The Holiday Guild, a volunteer organization founded in 1953. 

Vivily Vintage & Handmade is a boutique that supports local artists, artisans, makers, and entrepreneurs in Fresno, CA. 

Fres Yes Realty provides real estate properties for all throughout Fresno & has a Gift Shop that supports artists and entrepreneurs. 

Vintage Me has the most beautiful antiques, collectibles, furniture, handmade items in the Central Valley. 

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